We have all become so used to this word that it has completely been integrated in our lifestyles. Fashion encompasses a desire to possess a unique personal style, one that reflects the personality of its wearer. Fashion is also costume, the ability to live and feel differently and tell a completely different visual story from ours. Fashion is also the cloth maker and designer, the models who present an artistic market. Fashion as a whole is an industry.

Fashion has given rise to one of the most diverse industry in the world. It has created jobs for talents people never knew where productive. It incorporates the science of fabric making, the art of clothing, accessory design, and visual presentation, the commerce of marketing and consumer forums. Fashion has become indispensable.

But there is more to fashion than meets the eye, the backstories, the detailed mechanisms that make it work and Lyts magazine will be focusing on everything. We will tell you stories, visually and otherwise. We will make you see what we see, the fashion industry at its finest. We will shine light on the Industry of fashion as you have never seen it before.

Inform all your friends in fashion –your fashion friends, and let them know of this platform, do not leave anyone out.

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