The subject art is broad-based and a relative topic to various fields. Here we focus on art as it relates to the fashion industry.

Art has no limitations or boundaries. Art is a process of exploring unchartered territory, bending perspectives and recreating them. Art in fashion explores the artistic endeavors of photographers, creative directors, graphic illustrators, fashion designers, makeup artists, models etcetera.

Art in fashion is a wild category that is full of life and visual eccentricities. We will be celebrating the brains and bodies behind this awe-inspiring processes. The people who challenge existing viewpoints and push boundaries. The people who create art for fashion.

The product of these creatives build experiences for others searching for inspiration. The kind of experiences that will shape creative minds in their creative journeys. Lyts magazine proposes to help creatives by presenting these products as catalysts to high creativity and ideas.

We will bring to you art in fashion in all its insanity, the kind of insanity you do not see commonplace on the streets. The kind of insanity that will spark artistic productivity.

Creatives are welcome to showcase their artistic pieces here. Contact us.

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