– Behind the divine look of a model, from the stunning outfit, to the creative donning of makeup. The styles artistically crafted, to the glamorous accessories and etcetera, are brands and behind those brands are extraordinary people

People who have worked tirelessly to build a notable brand. People who have gone through the ups and downs of what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the fashion world today. Most of them started from scratch with almost nothing, others were handed over foundations by their predecessors. But they all have one thing in common which is a great brand and the experience that comes with it.

Very little or no attention is being given to these set of extra-ordinary people despite the valuables that lie in the bank of their experience.

These are the people Lyts magazine is focused on, they are epitomes of change and have lived life crafting awe inspiring creations and we are here to not only help startups benefit from these experience but to celebrate and acknowledge the greatness which are behind these Super Brands

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