There are times when all we have in our archives are dreams, imaginations and sometimes little accomplishments which sum up into great accomplishments in future.

We believe there are no specific ways to success but there are similarities in the different paths of successful people and from these paths people can create their own unique path to success.

We celebrate brands with dreams and vision which will one day become realities.

We celebrate the humble foundations which are often if not always rough just like the foundation of a building which nobody sees at the completion of the building, not painted nor beautified even being the most important part of a building  same is the foundation of a great brand yet to come.

Sourcing actionable content that will help startups grow, we are ready to go on a journey just for you.

Celebrating and acknowledging achievements made by startups brings motivation to keep pushing boundaries, and also to inspire other startups. That is what this category is focused on, this is our pride as a magazine that startups grow to achieve their goals.


Whilst this is just a tip of the iceberg of all we have to offer as a fashioneurship publication, share to support the startups in your network, Lyts comes their way.

Contact us to become a contributor we’ll be glad to have you work with us

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