The colour green speaks for itself. It is one of the most common colours in environments all across the world and it depicts nature and life. The vibrancy of this colour holds us to the internal awakening of life, of all things wild and fresh and untamed.

Green as with all colours exists in different shades, from the emerald of the precious stone which speaks to a level of royalty, to deep army green which commands a deep sense of power and strength. Then there is the plain green of nature that depicts freshness and youth.

The power of green goes beyond just the impression it leaves in the mind of the people who see it, it also encompasses how it makes the people who wear it feel. Colour has a strong ability to command emotion and this is a psychological fact.

So, when you wear the colour green in all its varying shades, think about how you want to feel. How you want to communicate to people without having to say a word to them. Think about how to articulate your personal style without words but in colour, think about the power of green and how you could do so much with it.


what’s your take on a green outfit?

muse- Helen

creative director/stylist – Precious Styles

shot by Danizi Zorto

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