Do you often feel embarrassed when you can’t recall the name of a person, client or customer you met not too long ago? or most terrifyingly the date of birth of your loved ones?

The art of good memory is very significant for business success, this can draw you closer to influential people and create good relationships with potential clients

There are 3 parts of the memory to take into consideration

-Retention-  the reception of information through one or more of the 5 senses and the storage of this information in the mind for future reference

-Recall- the reviving or remembering into the conscious mind these informantions previously stored there

-Recognition- the ability to recognize an information when it is called into the conscious mind and to identify It as a duplicate of the original and to associate it with the original source from which it came when it was first recorded.

3 Principles that will help you Master the Art of Good Memory

Concentration-  when you wish to be sure of your ability to recall a name, date or place make sure you make the impression vivid by concentrating your attention upon it to the minute details making sure your mind records it properly and clearly.

Associating impression with other objects-  understanding this particular principle does the trick.  This works by associating the impression (name, place, date) with objects  that you are quite familiar with and which you can recall easily e.g name of your town, best friend or favorite colour. Your mind will then file the sense impression of that which you wish to be able to recall with that which you can easily recall, so that bringing  forth one to your conscious mind also brings the other one with it. Example assuming the name of your client is John Thomas, you can associate it with the wrestler John Cena and the doubting Thomas in the Christian bible by saying John Cena and Thomas in the ring? Thomas wouldn’t doubt the outcome Lol. Laughing over it in your mind. It’s better to laugh at your imaginations than to lose a client.

Repetition- repeat that which you wish to remember a number of times at the same time concentrating on it.

Most people find it hard recalling names, dates or places and sometimes this is the effect of not recording these informations properly and clearly.

If you know other ways, be of help to others by sharing below in the comment box.



  1. Stephanie Jonez

    September 30, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    lol…fuuny example, thanks for sharing.
    Concentration really is key and something I think also helps in line with having an impression is asking further questions about the person or thing if you need to just to have a story around that person or thing and then that way it will be difficult to forget that particular information.


    • Lytsmag

      October 1, 2017 at 12:00 pm

      that’s also a good way to go about it. thanks


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