There is a truth here, that although we have witnessed very many fresh and innovative exploits in fashion today, there is always the old-school to new-school comebacks. They hang over us as we progress into the new-age, brilliantly adorning runways and street style. The éclat of archaic inspiration.

“Reclaiming fashion” I have heard it fashioned in said phrase and thrown about with so much vigor one could feel the pride oozing off and wonder how the glory could have built to such a height.

Every time has had its unique statement pieces, from the 60s, through to the 90s and here we stand in the twenty-first century. There was the bomber jacket, then the high waisted jeans and ill-fitting trousers. The rise of the punk rock cult produced beat t-shirts depicting street slurs, bandanas and dark clothing. There was the stylish haircuts and clothing swooning in waist defining silhouettes, and skirts as short as decency would allow. And we shall not forget the not so long ago 90s obsessions with oversized baggy trousers and shirts that would almost bury the upper body both immersed in exaggerated swaggers.

In determining whether or not it is gratifying to recycle style, I believe the answer to that question in multi-faceted. The unashamed return of so many of the old-school has left many fashion enthusiasts like myself wondering if we ought to gratify our progress by tweaking the past glories and parading the success of its likability as progress to fashion in its bright new age. The previous years has recorded a mass influx of statement styles of the past decades that it is almost as if one was relieving that time.

In all honesty though, it would be generously hypocritical to judge the progress of fashion on this premise seeing as every fashion week happening across the world have their runways displaying marvelously crafted pieces in unique and fresh fabric but the question comes when it isn’t what we see in ready to wear, what we see daily in the real world, on the streets is a majority of recycled style.

This is a question which desires us to indulge in the argument of whether or not the art of recycling style is over-used and if we ought to proffer a solution to the fashion industry’s rising dilemma, that is if we have chosen to identify it as a dilemma. Nevertheless, we shall also argue that the majority of recycled fashion have been trends, not necessarily products of the runway and fashion houses. They have been the products of celebrity stylists or celebrities themselves.

But high fashion or not, the fashion industry is figuratively an entity and examining it as such poses the question of how we examine the recycle of style.

Model- favour caleb

Shot by danizii zorto

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