There are value(s) you desire to possess it may be self confidence, excellence etc.

Most people struggle trying to acquire these values but end up getting the opposite result every time

It is my pleasure to announce to you one of the best ways a mind can attain any value it desires.

You’ve got to know that the key word here is desire, you must really desire these values as much as you want to breath.

There is no short-cut to the attainment of a long lasting value. In as much as the principle has worked for many, it is no magic! The end results were gotten through patience and consistency in practice.

Before we go further let’s do a practical test- some of you might have tried this randomly and had it work.

Before you go to bed at night tell yourself you must wake up at a desired time, say this with desire multiple times then go to bed, you will notice at that exact time your subconscious mind will wake you up like it was someone who actually woke you up, if this works then you’ve got to believe this principle will work for you too.

  • Get a piece of paper write down the values you desire to have. Every evening before you go to bed, read those values aloud and imagine you already possess them, do this in full faith that you will get your desired results
  • Do this consistently for 30days, you will begin to notice a change in character.


Don’t beat yourself if you miss a day please, this will rob you of your joy and energy to attain your desired result.


You must imagine yourself in possession of these values as you profess them to yourself.

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