What makes the pop? The pop when you step out into the world in your gorgeous outfits. Whether you are sporting designers or on a budget, what makes the pop? Statement pieces are standouts in a pattern of cohesive layouts. They are the cherries on top of the cake, they give the pop! So instead of wearing your boring suede shoes with a grey coat to work, why not wear those red straps with glitter and have a party on your feet? Incorporating and investing in statement pieces in your daily style routine gives you the edge, and what gives confidence better than an edge?


Nothing gives a statement like your clutch and its ability to standout. This beautiful clutch with a handle fashioned as knuckle rings, knocks us all out with its exquisite detailing and daring edginess


The finesse, texture and overall symmetry and assemblage of shoe is one of the key factors to weigh when making a purchase. How it wraps itself around your feet and comforts it all at the same time giving you confidence and allure.



model- kristen edeanya

shot by danizi zorto

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