When one thinks Orange Culture, one thinks of colour, bright and beautiful bursts of colour in its most daring and fierce form  of youthful swaggers and boyish charms, of the beauty in gender fluid fashion.

Adebayo Oke-Lawal since the creation of his brand Orange Culture since 2011, has successfully managed to get Nigerian men to care enough about a seemingly rebellious form of fashion that explores classic and contemporary western silhouettes with African predispositions.

With its dazzling mixture of flair in Nigerian inspired silhouettes, print fabric, and contemporary urban street wear, Orange Culture has stood out in the midst of a sea of fashion brands because of this uniqueness.

Having acquired for itself international acclaim by gaining features in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and so many other notable international aoutlets, also being selected by Vogue Italia and GQ to present at the fashion buzz in Florence, and by Ethical Fashion inititive and pitti uomo to be one of the very first menswear brands to showcase on the runway in Florence during Fashion week.

Orange Culture here is that shining star that continues to get brighter by the moment and continues to draw attention from far and near.

thanks for putting Nigeria on the map globally.

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