My take on Fashion influencing involves a large sphere of various areas that encompasses this process, but I’d like to narrow it down to marketing and brand promotion through individual style.

The enlightenment of fashion and style to a specific audience. And I’d like to go on further to state that Influencers produce action and not just awareness.

The new age of marketing which before the advent of the internet was inexistent has given birth to influencers who now have an edge in this sector, where consumers prefer third party recommendations to direct manufacturer advertising. The present-day consumer is blind to billboards and infomercials to some extent and this desire for a personal level of information about a product has given rise to the presence of jobs that didn’t even exist decades ago, and a productive consumer satisfaction.

When you work with an influencer not only do they bring you the patronage of their multitudes of loyal audiences who share a personal and intellectual understanding with the influencer in which they can use to communicate the objectives of your product, they also communicate with you about what their audience want and how you can better satisfy them.

Influencers marketing in this day and age is becoming one of the most effective means of marketing. To name my personal favourites, Mai Atafo has to be my most indulged local brand.

An air of excellence and clean cut quality revolves around their designs of classic men’s wear which I consider my niche, they are a brand I’d most definitely want to work with. And my most favourite international brand has to be Givenchy.

Now I’m not saying the entirety of my audience also share this preference. But they would be more inclined to because they visit my page for inspiration and when what I wear comes sold to a source, they would be predisposed to indulge the same source.


An advice to up and coming creative influencers including myself is to possess a thick skin embellished in patience. You start today you expect a hit the next? Success in not an overnight thing, it is blood and sweat and sometimes tears. Patience is hard, we all know this but for the most part of it most good things don’t come easy. So take every little step forward each and every day and who knows what will happen next?


shot by danizi



  1. Stephanie Jonez

    October 19, 2017 at 11:27 am

    I certainly agree, more people need to see this, thanks.


    • Lytsmag

      October 19, 2017 at 11:20 pm

      we appreciate your time well spent.


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