Ayomide Akintilo is a focused and promising fashionpreneur whom we shared correspondence with about his journey as a fashion designer of Demin, what his brand represents, and the challenges he has faced so far.


Tell us about yourself and your brand?

My name is Ayomide Akintilo, I’m 19 and I’m a fashion designer  based in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m currently a student of Caleb University, in my third year studying Architecture. I’m also passionate about acting.

I started my label (DEMIN CLOTHING)  on the 5th of October 2016, having nursed the Idea for quite a while and working towards it by taking drawing lessons from friends, and watching fashion runways for inspiration.

I have been fortunate to participate in two notable runway shows and also styled celebrities like Abayomi Alvin, Beverly Osu and Deshinor.


Tell us, what is and was the inspiration behind your brand?

Okay, before this brand, I had a clothing line but discontinued due to some complications. This left me in a state of depression and when I wanted to start this brand, I was discouraged by how starting all over again seemed to be so daunting. But with the help of friends and family, I started and this gave me the courage to believe in myself that I could do anything. This brand to me, is a visual representation of courage.


What challenges have you faced or been facing in growing your brand?

Basically, people promising to do things for me and making commitments with me, but failing to do them.


How do you deal with this, and can you please give us such an instance?

Well, I did a photo shoot festival in August for the release of my new collection and to also promote models, photographers and makeup artists. I had people promise me funds but didn’t deliver, twenty-three models signed up to work with me but only twelve came through, six makeup artists made commitments to show up but only two showed up. I had to keep a clear mind about everything and improvise.

Do you experience customers buying just once and not patronizing your brand again?

Yes, sometimes this happens.


What are you currently doing to reduce this and increase your customer base?

I’m releasing a fresh and varied collection next month this will aid my brand awarenessO, so hopefully my customer base will increase and previous buyers will like the new products.

Connect with Ayomide  @ayomide_da

Thank you Ayomide Akintilo for sharing your amazing journey with us.

If you’re facing similar challenges like Ayomide, we hope that this gives you the courage and inspiration to persevere in your business. 

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