-Tell us briefly  about your personal and  style background

Well hey,My name is kuyet bamai,I’m a lifestyle blogger,content creator and social strategist and I basically just put out any creative work that people can relate to and learn at least one thing from.My style is really minimal with a little bit of some vintage toppings.


– what can you say about quality and feed for social media  content as a blogger?

Quality is the only thing that makes you unique,look real and make people to take you seriously”

– what are your favourite  apps and why?

“That’s easy you know.My favorite apps would be instagram and wordpress becauses that’s where I get to see so many things without having to do more than using my hands and that’s where I’m able to put out what I do as well”


– Do you have other future  plans outside blogging? Tell us about it

“Well asides being a blogger I’m also a communicator/journalist so I will definitely fuse the two together and I definitely have plans of getting married to an amazing  woman and also build a beautiful home with beautiful babies as well” kuyet bamai says happily

-what is your present frustration  in your business.


the fact bloggers in Nigeria are seen as minor in the industry actually gets to me sometimes”


-what is the best Advice you’ve received from a mentor.

“That will be from Igee Okafor,To keep doing what your doing only if it makes you happy because  happiness is key”


-How do you stay motivated to keep working even when you are demoralized.

“I just take a few steps back to remind myself why I’m even doing what I’m doing in the first place then also talk to people that have been there done that”

connect with kuyet

on instagram  kuyetbamai

and also via his blog kuyetbamai.wordpress.com

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