Tell us a little about yourself and your modeling career.

Hi, am Tobi Olamide Alabi, Am Nigerian by nationality, was born and bred in Abuja, Nigeria to Mr & Mrs Temitope Olumuyiwa Alabi, on the 2nd Day of October 1996. The story about how I started modeling is one which still feels unreal till this very moment! That faithful day I was literally jobless and decided to go as a friend at a fashion show (FashionistaGh, now known as Auntie Oboshie, Accra, Ghana) I got there and instantly I was given an outfit to model in by a designer! I had no idea about modeling, I didn’t even want to become a model, cause I was a book person and felt it would make me lose concentration from school work! So yeah eventually I walked the runway without experience or training and that’s how I kicked off my modeling career.

We see passion playing an important role in your career as a model. How do you keep this passion burning?

Here’s the thing about modeling! Just like any other career type, modeling also has its ups and downs! But what keeps me going is the fact that i was challenged by several people! I mean I had lots of people telling me that i wasn’t a good model, I was short, didn’t have a fierce face! I mean someone literally said to me ” you won’t last more than a year in modeling” I quote, it’s been a really crazy journey, but it has really helped me hunger for more!

Tell us about your favourite  work you’ve done so far why it’s your favourite.

Lol, my favorite job ever would be Ghana Fashion and Design week(2016 edition) it was just epic! I was the very first model who auditioned  for that show and being the first to be selected was just awesome! I met designers I had been admiring for a while, the likes of @Hazzaofficiale, @ayovanelmar etc met with awesome models too !It was just a world class experience i would give anything to have again.

What do you  have  say concerning people being skeptical  about your un-gendered dress style?

Fashion for me knows no gender! I wear what I believe would sell me as a model and what am comfortable in as well, I don’t really pay attention to the side talks here and there cause fashion is not a one man’s decision, no one is ever 100% right or 100% wrong about fashion! So I just wear what suits me

Who do you look up to in the modeling industry locally and internationally and why?

Honestly I do not fantasize about other people’s career or level of accomplishment; I mean most of the models you see today are living fake lives! If you want to change the direction of Your own life all in the name of role model then you just might end up missing the train! With that said I could say I respect the CEO of TM models management @PrinceIbrahim he’s been a backbone and a solid rock to me in the industry, I can’t also forget someone who is extremely dare to me! @PriscillaNyarko of glamfaces! This people give me a reason to want to achieve more.

what is or has been your challenge/frustration growing as a model?

Models don’t get paid well, models are not treated  with respect, I mean how can a model sacrifice he’s or her time for a show! Regular rehearsals and fittings etc and at the end of the day theetore’s nothing to show for it, I mean people take this as an occupation and then you give them little change for transportation, it’s really not fair! That’s where my frustration is, the fact that the organizers know what they are doing in terms of payment and welfare is wrong but yet they are not willing to change.

what can you say to aspiring models?

To the aspiring model/models out there, all I would say is be humble! Don’t be in a hurry to make it! Take your time! Take your career a step at a time.

Thank you lytsmag for this wonderful interview and also to my fans out there! To everyone who has ever believed in me even for one second I say a very big thank you.

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