-Tell us briefly about your personal and professional  background?

My name is Alikwe Nestor Eromosele but most people know me as Nestor. I am from Delta state and I am the last child in a family of four children. I’m a practicing fashion designer / stylist and also a freelance model. I do other things like creative writing, music and acting but those are yet to be known. I am the CEO of the Sele fashion brand, which focuses on unisex accessories and clothing, ready-made and on order. We also style shoots and more. This has been my passion and owning the Sele fashion brand helps me live it out.


-What inspired the creation of your brand?

My brand was inspired by my love for fashion and entertainment as a whole.  My fashion designing also was especially inspired by my mother. No further details necessary I hope.


-What makes your brand different from your competitors?

My brand is unique.  Its ideas and birthing are from a youthful, lively perspective on any fashion trend acceptable to both men and women in their various ages. My brand is not focused on any one style or method of presenting its products or presenting its current clients to future ones, rather it seeks to fit in with any age, personal style and gender in order to improve ideas with enthusiasm.


-What is your present frustration in your business?

I won’t say I’m frustrated at any point. I expect so many challenges and I’m winning always by God’s spirit in me. I can’t leave God out of it. I would say though that my payment methods and also approach to clients are sometimes almost frustrating but I continually try new things. I also meet new people who are interested to work with me and patronize the Sele fashion brand.

-What is the best advice you have received from a mentor?

Always remember who you are in God and never turn back on what makes you special. Be different but acceptable by people around you and don’t remain in the midst of people who can do what you do, else you’ll only have to compete without improving.


-How do you stay motivated to keep working even when you are demoralized?

I think good thoughts. Like I said earlier, God is everything, although it’s too hard to see it most times but I decided to condition my mind to focus on everything positive and good, which is all found in God. Also, I read a lot of books that keep me motivated to continue doing what I love. Constantly reminding myself that this is what I love to do keep me motivated no matter what to continue to push forward to build my brand differently and with more enthusiasm.


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  1. Adeyemisi

    October 30, 2017 at 4:19 am

    Wow.. beautiful!… Anyone who puts God first in everything will do just great


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