Tell us briefly about you and brand background 

I am Lhurve Davies, an undergraduate at the University of Lagos and founder of an online fashion shop of the same name. My online shop, Lhurve Davies, acts as a one-stop shop for the everyday girl, offering a vast selection of items at affordable prices. We’ve got clothes, jewellery, sunglasses, bags and more; and every single item between the price range of NGN500-NGN6000.

What inspired the creation of your online shop?

I started out as a fashion and lifestyle blogger sometime in 2015 which in turn inspired my love for unusual and unique items. I would have people asking me where I got this or where I got that from and that eventually inspired the entrepreneurial spirit in me to set up my own business in August, 2016, so I have the excuse to continue buying more items (I love shopping, lol), while also satisfying the demands of people who wanted such items. It’s a win-win.

What can you say about the role quality plays in content creation?

Quality is everything in a business. You’ll find more often than not that it’s easier to retain old customers than get new ones and you certainly can’t do that if you’ve got bad quality items.

What is your present challenge in your field of business?

A present challenge in the online business is advertising. There are so many online shops popping up now which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it definitely makes it difficult to stand out as a brand. The best solution to that is to advertise but that in itself isn’t exactly cheap either for a start-up.

Is there something you wish existed in your industry that is non-existent?

An efficient loan system for start-ups is a major concern for entrepreneurs like me. We mostly can’t seize the moment, we are forced to save up if we want to do something big or resort to the classics, borrowing from friends and family.

How do you stay inspired to keep working even when you’re demoralized? 

Every now and then, I like to take a small unofficial break; usually between 2-4 days and then I tell myself it’s time to get back to work. Another way I stay inspired is by telling myself “hey, if you can work hard for the growth and well being of someone Else’s business, you can work hard for yours too”.


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