-Tell us briefly  about your personal and  professional (brand) background?

I am Bryan Charles Imo, a fashion designer based in Lagos. I am the fourth child and only son with four sisters. I was born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria. Growing up was fun, I loved arts as a child. I am an undergraduate at the University of Lagos distance learning Institute. I founded LIAM Nigeria alongside my elder sister in 2015 and in 2016 I pronounced myself the creative director, LOL. The same year, I did my debut collection, and ever since I have been doing the job of a creative director.

-what inspired the creation of your brand and it’s name ?

I will say it is the ardent desire I have to introduce a new atypical sense and style of dressing. I have always wanted to create unusual and irregular designs that will look stylish and  make one wearing it look edgy and bold. LIAM is an abbreviation, it stands for Limit Is A Myth. Because I know life comes with its challenges and obstacles and I also know there is no limit to what I can achieve no matter what. Limit Is a misconception.

– what makes you stand out in the crowd of ever increasing clothing brands?

First of, it’s the ability to create something that’s truly not conforming to the norms of designing that is increasing in the fashion industry. Secondly, I try to tell a story with my designs and give voice, with certain audience in mind. My recent collection Prɪmɪtɪve SS18 popularly known as Bush Boy collection was crafted with  members of the primitive society in mind, and designed to alter the style of the primitive man and as well, go beyond current trends to create a basic style for the primitive man.

What is your present frustration or challenge in your field of business?

I try my best to make research online, learn, acquire information and attend fashion masterclasses,  talks and business series. One must have comprehensive knowledge of the art of fashion and fashion business. And high cost platforms that will give exposure and increase ones audience.


-How do you stay motivated and inspired to keep working even when you are demoralised.

The undying and ardent desire to create and do great works, and I have this belief that I will live less the life I am supposed to live if I don’t make total use of my creative powers, so I want to live my total life I get back to work and create. Lastly, whenever I see or come across a forby muse and great work of any form, either from artworks or photography or the likes I am inspired and motivated to put my creativity to work.

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