Who is Sarah Audu?

Sarah Audu is a journalist by training with a degree in Mass Communication and also a Fashion blogger.


How do you know how to put a price tag to the value of the work you do?

Hmm, well the best way to go with this is to ask your peers in the industry and settle on a middle ground based on what you know you can do and the present reality.


What inspired the creation of your brand?

I’m inspired by so many things. When it comes down to fashion, the Nigerian culture inspires me, fellow content creators inspire me and the different eras as it relates to fashion trends. I’m also inspired by books, The Bible and various conversation I have with people.


What makes your brand different from that of your competitors?

As clichéd as this sounds, I’d say my originality. At the end of the day, no one does it better than me.


What is your present frustration in your business?

When you talk blogging, the industry standards have drastically changed from when I first started. Don’t get me wrong, some are great but then there are certain aspects that can make one miss out on the fun side of blogging. Also one can easily get frustrated when working with brands that don’t properly understand the role of bloggers.


What is the best Advice you’ve received from a mentor?

I have several people I look up to in the industry, and while I’ve never gotten direct words of advice from them, the general word I’ve heard and work with is “the importance of consistent quality content” which will keep people coming back.


How do you stay motivated to keep working even when you are demoralized?

That’s a hard one at times. I try to remind myself of why I started, how much I’ve accomplished and truthfully my ever supportive readers keep me motivated.


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