Tell us briefly about yourself and business background 

My name is Zorto Daniel Eyen, a Nigerian-based photographer in my mid 20s, with the brand name DESIMA. A graduate of Cyber Security Science from the Federal University of Technology, MInna. I hail from Donga L.G.A. in Taraba State and live in Abuja.

What inspired the creation of your brand?

I have learned to express my thoughts and sentiments in my poetry so well that one would think I have a degree in literature. Over time, I developed an inestimable passion for photography and then began to decipher my poetry in pictures. A great lover of flowers,I mostly use it as a prop to depict my art.

My brand as a photographer is foundationally based on my poetry. The brand name, DESIMA, came to me while I was having a conservation with my three closest friends about 5 years ago. I merged three of our names to give Desima (Dan, Desy and Shima). Only had the dream then but didn’t have a camera and wasn’t close to even getting any.


What makes your content unique?

if you look and listen closely you’d see a form of watered down poetry in my pictures. Also the way I post produced my pictures. I mean my style of editing and colour grading helps interpret my pictures too. So it’s the evident poetry and colour grading that makes my content unique. Poetry in this context includes props.

What is your present challenge in your field of business?

Everyone wants the best job but most are not willing to pay its worth. And having clients’ perception clashing with mine as an artist. Also clients’ pressure on delivery is way too contrary to professional standards.

Is there anyone you look up to?

David Ishaya Osu. He’s one of the greatest poets I know. He has helped me in ways I can’t even begin to mention in building a mind of my own as a man, being dependent and always believing in what I do as long as it blesses me.

Best advice?

The best advice I have received from a mentor is honour your God, be diligent in your work and be true to yourself and watch how you’ll prosper. Its been working for me.

How do you stay inspired to keep working even when you want to give up? 

Whenever I’m depressed, which happens often, I try to channel my mood into writing then in the long run make a picture out of what I have penned down. I see depression as a flip side of the coin to unleashing my creativity.


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