Who is Adeyemo Adekunbi?

Adeyemo Blessing Adekunbi is the CEO/Creative Director of Kunbiworks, a made in Nigeria brand. I am a graduate of Microbiology from Redeemer’s University and currently running my Master’s degree.

Kunbiworks focuses on handmade fashion accessories of all kinds such as gemstone beaded bracelets, ear rings and neckpieces, leather bracelets, key rings, cabochon designed earrings, bracelets, rings and neckpieces and a few more accessories which we will be launching soon.

Kunbiworks was officially launched in February, 2015, to showcase the creative prowess inherent in Africa and also promote indigenous fashion accessories thereby creating job opportunities in the future. We also have a vision to create different kinds of accessories that can be used by all classes of people both locally and internationally.


What inspired the creation of your brand?

After my university days, I wanted to get something doing before my youth service but I wasn’t interested in the regular stuff such as makeup, catering and the likes. When I went for youth service, I joined the bead making and hand craft section for my skill acquisition on camp. After camp, I was lucky to have someone teach me wire works for free, and thereafter developed myself by watching YouTube videos. When I got better at wire works, I saw bead making as too much of a stress and didn’t really like the fact that there were lots of people in that area. I eventually learnt how to bead then the challenge of having enough clients to keep the business going surfaced due to the fact that there were so many people who did the same thing I was doing. On a particular day, a friend of mine asked if I could make a particular type of bracelet with gemstones and that was the beginning of a new era for us, making accessories for both sexes that are affordable and can be purchased by all, with no clientele restrictions.


Why do you think people patronize your brand?

Different Clients have various reasons why they patronize us, but personally I think it’s the uniqueness in the kind of accessories we make. We also try to be as creative as possible with every single piece we make and we make sure we are always available when our service is needed. We pride ourselves at being top notch in customer service.


What makes you stand out in the crowd of ever increasing accessory brands?

With the niche we carved for ourselves in the fashion industry, we try to be creative in all we do, because there are similar brands like ours. Currently we have decided to launch out some unique pieces that will increase our visibility and our standard. So watch out for us.


What challenges or frustrations do face?

Complaints from customers due to high cost of delivery to other states. And secondly, the fact that some of the materials we use are not readily available in the country.

How do you stay motivated and inspired to keep working even when you don’t feel up to it?

Kunbiworks isn’t just a brand but a passion which serves as my motivation each day and the joy of knowing that my services are needed by lots of people so they can wear unique pieces and slay in their fashion style. My passion for my brand keeps me up at night, just so I can meet up with clients’ demand always. Nothing beats passion for what you do, and I love what I do.

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