Tell us a bit about yourself and your brand Sheels urbane

My name is Aina Fayosola, a Fashion Stylist and Designer. Due to my passion for fashion I have had to learn about the fashion Industry by working first as an Intern, then as a Marketing Manager for a Fashion Brand and then as a Fashion Stylist. I have been working as a stylist for a while now and I officially started my menswear brand, Sheels Urbane, towards the end of October 2017. Sheels Urbane was created as a movement and voice for the Unique Modern Man.


What inspired the creation of your brand?

I was inspired by my love and passion for fashion. I always feel so alive when designing and creating pieces.


What makes you stand out in the crowd of ever increasing clothing brand?

Sheels Urbane was actually created to be different from other Clothing Brands because each piece created has a personality and voice of its own, a very unique personality. We are more than just cloth makers. We are not just a clothing line we are a movement for men who are modern, young at heart, bold, self aware, expressive, explorative and art loving nomads.


What is your present frustration or challenge in your area of business?

Right now, I would say investment, skilled labour and textile manufacturing.

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How do you stay motivated and inspired to keep working even when you are demoralised?

I stay motivated and inspired because I want to succeed. I look at the goals I want to achieve – to succeed, to go international, to be a movement for Men and to make the brand a formidable one in the market.


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