Tell us a little about you.

I am Ugorji Oluoma Grace; fashion, beauty and lifestyle style blogger and YouTuber. I started blogging in September, 2016 and it’s truly been an awesome experience for me. I can almost say it is one of the best things I’ve done for myself between 2016 and now.


Tell us briefly about your Style background.

Fashion for me has always been a part that I always wanted to explore, and I am truly glad I did. My style is unique because I draw things out of my own imagination and creativity and I stick to my own background and not deviating because people are. Owning these platforms has brought a good one on my table with some opportunities. My YouTube (Grace Ama)just started and I am excited to see how far it goes. My style is totally influenced by my mentors.


What’s your take on Quality and feed for social media as a blogger?

For me quality defines your brand, “whatever you give out is what you get back” and this as well applies to your brand. Knowing how advanced people are and how technology is fast growing, your social media should be a source of great concern for you because social media sells you out there faster than you can think. People want to see good content (quality pictures, uniqueness and so on)from your social media before even clicking on your link. Remember, first impression truly matters.

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Do you have Future plans outside blogger? Tell us about it.

Speaking of future plans, I have a whole truck of plans but I’ll unleash the major ones here. Aside blogging I have plans to own a clothing line as well as run some businesses. I would also go into lecturing in the medical field sometime in life, as I always love giving out knowledge in whatever I know, be it the littlest one.


What is your Present frustration in the business of blogging?

As a blogger you have a whole lot to suck up. But presently I would say it has to do with no light plus poor internet, that alone just kills the vibe for me. And also less motivating environment. For me taking pictures come with environment because sometimes it determines exactly what you want to tell people in that picture, so when the environment is less encouraging it kills the vibe too.


What is the Best advice you’ve received from a mentor ?

“Be yourself and don’t copy anyone”. There’s a very thin line between drawing motivation and copying someone.

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