Tell us a little about you

I’m vain black boy and I blog about my personal style on This came into being from me wanting to share my style tips and knowledge with the world. Trust me I’m not regular and you would have fun going through my blog. Do check it out.


What would you say about Quality feeds on social media contents?

Quality feed! I feel it’s necessary you get your aesthetics right because it is your feed and content that sells you and gives your readers the first impression that make them want to stay or leave.


Do you have other future plans outside blogging? Tell us about it.

Oh yes I have other plans apart from blogging. I already started my fashion brand, Sense of Humor by vainblackboy, so you probably might be talking to a Mai, or Marc Jacobs you can’t say lol. The ways we need to monetize our craft and diffuse.

What is your present Frustrations in the business of blogging?

My present frustration right now would be me getting photographer’s to work with and freely shooting at locations in Lagos where I won’t have to settle some set of touts. It’s really frustrating


The best advice you’ve gotten from a mentor is?

Consistency!Consistency is key. Be consistent.

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  1. TOD

    November 25, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Go Tomewah!!!!!!!!😊🔥🔥🔥


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