Kindly tell us about yourself and your brand

My full name is Akinlolu Oluwaseun Akinleye (Akinlolu-Certified), most people know me as Mayor-Sebz  because that’s my Instagram handle. I’m a fashion/style blogger and a Fashionpreneur. My blog name is ‘THE STYLE ARCHITECT’ and it sits at It’s a fashion and lifestyle blog where men can get style and fashion tips that expresses their lifestyle as men of class. Ladies can also get tips to make their man look outstanding every day.

I also own a fashion brand “THE CERTIFIED BRAND” which started in June this year. “The Certified Brand” is a clothing brand which offers the best grade clothing made from diverse fabric and are basically Afrocentric. Our job is to make you look outstanding on your big day with our bespoke suits and African inspired outfits and clothing accessories. It’s also an all encompassing brand which offers Styling, fashion consultancy and creative direction.

What inspired the creation of the brands?

Fashion blogging is the passionate outlet for my creativity. In this present generation, I discovered that creativity is all that counts, you can’t keep doing normal stuffs and not expect to get normal results. The blog name came from the mixture of the career I’m pursuing, Architecture, and what I love doing, Fashion. Architecture basically deals with creativity, so infusing that creativity into fashion is where ‘THE STYLE ARCHITECT’ came from. My major inspiration as a growing blogger is no one else than Akin Faminu. I would say his style is really enviable and out of this world. He’s the standard.

What can you say about quality on social media contents?

I believe what makes my brand different from others is the diversity in approach to my style of blogging and outfits I make via my clothing brand. Deviating from the norm, being creative in my content and designing of my outfits.

What’s your present Frustration in the business of blogging?

My present frustration as a blogger is the time factor. Creating adequate time to type out my editorials and taking high quality pictures has been an issue but gradually I’ve managed to overcome this hurdle.


Best advice received?

The best advice I’ve received from a mentor was to be consistent in all I do. As a creative you definitely need to consistently feed your viewers with top notch contents.


What keeps you motivated when all you want to do is give up?

The urge to attain greatness in all I do has been my motivation and has always kept me moving. And also the key factor – not disappointing young people in the field who are looking up to me as a mentor.

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