Tell us a little about you personally and your Brand

My name is Modesta, a software analyst by profession, who believes that every goal is achievable no matter the challenges, and whose goal of being a brand in the fashion industry is gradually materializing. EllaSeams is a clothing brand for every woman who lets Elegance, Comfort and/or Class dictate her style. We offer styled ready-to-wear design and tailored-to-fit outfit services for individuals.

What inspired the creation of the brand?

The quest for individuality while staying classic in fashion. It was difficult to get piece that is unique in design  and not too trendy.

Why do you think people patronize your brand?

The quality of service we render, the uniqueness of our designs and 100% fabric quality that we offer from design to production.

What makes you stand out in the crowd of increasing women’s wear brand?

Understanding the needs of my clients, and coming up with the perfect design that meets the statement they intend making.

What is the most difficult part of owning and building a brand?

Skilled labour, making a name in an already saturated market, and of course, dealing with erratic power supply.

How do you stay motivated and inspired to keep working even when you are demoralised?

Trust me it can even get worse than being demoralised. Sometimes I just want to disappear but my dream that one day an EllaSeams piece would be in every woman’s wardrobe keeps me motivated.


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