Tell us a little about yourself as a photographer 

My name is Olaniyan Adeyemi John, but people mostly call me by my music stage name, John Prinze. I am a fashion/portrait/lifestyle photographer based in Abuja, Nigeria. To me, photography is another way to view the world, as it allows me to see life from a very different scope and perspective and that’s a special feeling for me.

I have always been passionate about this. I remember me being always fond of playing around cameras since I was young, though I have also had passions for other things like music and writing.


Tell us more about this statement “I left a career in medicine to follow my dreams”

Way back, while growing up as an adolescent, I had influences coming from my immediate environment. I mean my family especially.  My dad and mum being medical practitioners, have been very big role models for me since when I was little. What was in my immediate environment influenced me and I developed a little bit of interest in the medical field. Unsurprisingly, I took that up in university studying Medical Physiology. With the intent of proceeding as a surgeon. That was an epic decision because my mom really loved the idea. But during my 3rd year in medical school, I found myself; I mean I found my real self and what I love and that includes Photography. At first, it sounded weird to my parents but I am grateful they supported me to it. Today, I still have my qualification as a medical Physiologist, though not Practicing.

What inspires you to keep creating in your career as a photographer?

What inspires my art is just God and nature. Nature is inspirational and beautiful and yes, I tap into that.

What is your present frustration or challenge in your career as a photographer?

Well, presently I think, the economic situation of my country isn’t really helping young and aspiring photographers because when young photographers start out, they don’t have the money required to buy quality gears and equipment and most even lack the knowledge about what to buy. So this sometimes impedes progress.

Also a lot of what we do has its creative sides. At times when we get the inspiration to shoot something really creative or out of the box, it might be hard to carry it out exactly the way we want it, sometimes due to lack of resources or work expertise.

Also it’s not new that we now have online pirates and people that clone photographers accounts online, putting up our work as theirs to fool their audience. We have so much to worry about. It’s crazy.

Also I think camera brands and companies should organize more events and works, as this helps to keep track and create greater bond with photographers using their products.

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  1. Anthony Matthias

    December 1, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    John Prinze is a source inspiration and motivation to me. He’s hardworking and I love all his works.


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