Who is Bella Igwe?

BellaIgwe is a Makeup brand based in Abuja owned by Monica Christabella Igwe from Ebonyi State. Christabella is a graduate of Economics and has always been passionate about makeup & fashion, one of the reasons I became a makeup artist two years ago.

What inspired me to be a makeup artist?

Like I said earlier, I have always been very passionate about makeup & fashion since I was very young. During my service year in 2015, I thought between going to a makeup school or fashion design school and my love for makeup took over so I went to register for professional classes. After the classes I started by doing makeup on myself, from there friends started to ask me to do theirs and like we say, the rest is history.

Friends started to refer me to other people and some photographers whom were my friends asked that we collaborate for projects and this helped put my brand out there.

What do you think about everyone wanting to become a makeup artist right now?

Well, the beauty industry is reportedly a major money-making one right now and everyone wants to make money. But the truth is,the job of a makeup artist isn’t just about playing with products, it’s so much more than that. There are qualities one must have in order to be a professional makeup artist like being able to handle relationships with clients, good time management and ready to learn anytime any day because you will always have to stay on trend.

So anyone who wants to be a makeup artist has to really think deep and then go learn from a professional in the business to guide them and not just watching YouTube videos.

What is your present frustration in your field of business?

I won’t really say it’s a frustration but it’s something that even makes me work harder. That will be the competitive market, which means I have to keep evolving and staying creative in order to remain relevant. Although there are a lot of makeup artists, I still believe there will always be a client for each person, the sky is wide enough for all to thrive with God.


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