Tell us briefly about your personal and professional brand

My name is Olaseinde Bukola Michelle, a graduate of Ekiti State University with a Second class lower degree hons (B.Sc) from the Department of Science Laboratory Technology.

The name Bouqui came from my name ‘Bukky’ and we all know that Bouquets means the collection of rose flowers either in natural or artificial forms. Bouqui Bouquets at this stage is all about classic, neat and most importantly unique designs of wears accessories like fabric brooches, hair clips and lapel pins.

Our focus here is to be creative, affordable (we don’t just want to be creative we want our items to be affordable for an average Nigerian) and last but crucial is that we are available (a unique and affordable item must be available, we don’t want to be scarce commodity).

What inspired the creation of your brand?

I want to go into artificial flowers as inspired by God but based on research it requires quite some capital, which I lack. So I began to read, pray and ask God for direction on how and where to start the journey but I discovered wears accessories originated from flowers. So I decided to start climbing the ladder from the base. The desire to know how to go about my business via research and prayer was what inspired my brand.

What is your present frustration or challenge in your field of business?

The journey of course can’t be smooth; one major challenge I face is on material. You have a design you want to make and then you go source for materials only for you to hear it is no longer in the market, the name you see on Google is not same with market name,

I have been limited too when it comes to sales, my lack of a dollar account has affected my Facebook advert.

I desire to register my business name and all that but due to funds I have not been able to do so. I have to keep putting my profit back into the business.

How do you stay motivated and inspired when you are demoralized?

I am a Christian I have prayed and fasted over what am doing and I understand that peace comes from God, so that alone made it easy for me to get motivated even when there seems to be a loss. My buffer is God.

Then I have always had to keep most of my customers’ feedback so I often go back to it, read and let that motivate me.

The hatred for idleness won’t let me get demoralised for too long.

I have mentor I talk to at such times too, I have spiritual mothers who know better and have passed the stage I am so I talk to them often.

Then I realise that nothing good comes without a little of frustration and I have fallen in love with what I do. Though it might not pay in the now, but as a graduate with no official job, Ihave something productive doing that gives me joy.





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